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Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment entering the American iGaming scene

The casino-operating Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment enterprise of the federally-recognized Mohegan Tribe is set to enter the embryonic iGaming market of the United States via the launch of its new Mohegan Digital venture.

The Connecticut-based operator used an official Wednesday press release to declare that this fresh endeavor is to be guided by Rich Roberts and Aviram Alroy in the roles of President and Product Vice-President Product respectively to ‘lead the charge in providing cutting-edge online gaming solutions’ to its customer base.

Practised professionals:

Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment is already responsible for a domestic estate of ten casino resorts including the giant Mohegan Sun facility in eastern Connecticut as well as Atlantic City’s 942-room Resorts Casino Hotel. It asserted that Roberts will ‘bring a wealth of experience to his newly-appointed role’ thanks to years as boss of American peer-to-peer social and skill sports gaming platform pioneer FaceOff and subsequently described Alroy as ‘the driving force’ behind its ‘iGaming efforts’ courtesy of his past role as its Interactive Gaming Vice-President.

Maiden manifestation:

Currently also in the process of building giant integrated casino resorts in Greece and South Korea, Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment stated that its new Mohegan Digital venture is to begin life by designing ‘an iGaming experience’ for its flagship Mohegan Sun property. The firm disclosed that this service is to be run under the Mohegan Sun Connecticut branding in order to offer those in ‘The Constitution State’ the ability to take advantage of recent legislative changes to enjoy a legal range of online sportsbetting and gaming entertainment.

Topical territory:

Ray Pineault (pictured) serves as President and Chief Executive Officer for Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment and he used the press release to divulge that his company has recently been experiencing ‘strong growth in digital gaming’ across its many properties. He went on to proclaim that the time is right for Mohegan Digital ‘as legal sportsbetting continues to expand in the United States’ and that he is now ‘excited for what’s to come’ with Roberts and Alroy ‘at the helm’ of the new iGaming enterprise.

Read a statement from Pineault…

“Over the years, we have made great technological advancements in the digital space, working with industry-leading partners to provide state-of-the-art advancements to casino and sportsbook online operations. With Mohegan Digital, we are looking to expand and enhance these efforts to elevate the experience and deliver on our promise to provide world-class entertainment for our guests on a digital scale.”

Ambitious aims:

For his part and Roberts, who most recently worked for digital gaming and eSports consultancy RSD Consulting, pronounced that he is ‘honored’ to be given the chance to lead Mohegan Digital and help its parent expand into ‘the digital gaming and sportsbetting frontier’.

Roberts’ statement read…

This is an exciting new chapter in the history of Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment as we continue to innovate to meet the growing consumer demands in this space. I am looking forward to working closely with the Mohegan Tribe as well as executive leadership teams to successfully grow the brand’s digital presence.”

Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment entering the American iGaming scene